My Goldfish is Evil!

My Goldfish Is Evil! chronicles the hilarious adventures of a young boy named Beanie and his pet “Admiral Bubbles”- a talking goldfish who wants nothing less than to conquer the entire world!

Although at first it may sound absurd, Beanie has come to realize that in fact the tiny fish is a criminal genius able to construct diabolical devices even out of everyday objects, and that he is easily capable of achieving his nefarious goal. And since no criminal genius would let a mere kid stand in his way, Beanie must risk his life to try and thwart him at every turn!

Will Admiral Bubbles succeed in his evil plans? Will young Beanie manage to stay one step ahead of him? The future of the planet depends on the answer!

North America

Amazon – Canada
Amazon Instant Video – Canada
Tubi – USA
Pluto – USA
Toon-A-Vision – Canada
Mcintyre Media – Canada
KidoodleTV – Canada
Genius Brand International – USA
Ameba – Canada
Illico – Canada


Citv – United Kingdom
TV5 Monde – France
RAI SAT – Italy
MTV3 – Finland
MTVA – Hungary
ProPlus – Slovenia


Aljazeera – Qatar
ATV – China
Astro – Malaysia
JeemTV – Qatar


ABC Kids – Australia


Alshana CI –Ivory Coast


Nicolas J. Boisvert

Sphere Media Distribution




Gémeaux 2007

Nomination – Best TV Series or Animated Series

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