Who are we?

Today, content is omnipresent and to rise above the fray, one element is essential: emotion.

To create content that will reach and touch the heart and mind of our public, we can count on the creativity and diversity of our talents, on our knowledge and our cultural roots and on our desire to make things happen in the best possible way.

Every day, we work at telling the right stories, in the right way.

Life at Sphere


Everyone has a role to play and contributes in their own way

We are made up of impassioned, creative people with different areas of expertise, from different regions and with different backgrounds. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about what we do whether it's creating animated stories, producing TV/feature films or distributing. Despite our great ambitions, all occasions are good for laughter and fun with colleagues, whether it's for a drink, a snack, a celebration of special events…or while we work!

Recognize and celebrate differences, in front of and behind the camera

Sphere promotes an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace, it’s our priority. Our wish : That our talent feels confident in telling and bringing to the screen stories that represent the diverse society around us. At Sphere, we recognize all forms of diversity and are proud to celebrate difference with touching, creative and innovative content.

Our values

Living the values

Our values carry our voice.

Collaboration: We have a "we" mindset; we all have a role to play

Caring: We put talent first, our employees and collaborators are our priority

Passion: We are all driven by an infectious passion

Courage: We dare to protect our beliefs; we are not afraid to take risks

Honesty: We aim for integrity and authenticity

Inclusion: We celebrate the uniqueness of each person

Why work with us?


Our projects

Our projects are varied in genre as well as diverse and inclusive, in content as well as in images in order to reach the greatest audience possible and give everyone a voice.


Our people

We enjoy a reputation for excellence and are recognized as reliable, creative and passionate, thanks to the work of our talents.


Our flexibility

We promote flexibility and work-personal life balance. Disconnecting is a right, we have made it a priority.


Our environment

We offer a work environment favorable to creation, reflection and collaboration.


Our concern for your well-being

We have developed a range of benefits for our talents allowing them to be fulfilled and well-balanced creators.


We're just missing you!

Your story, your expertise and your background interest us! Come and enrich our Sphere of talents.

A variety of positions available

Variete de postes offerts


Production Coordinator, 2D Animation

Variete de postes offerts


Post production Accountant

Variete de postes offerts


Creator-writer and Content Advisor

…and much more!