Drama and Comedy series & Feature films, Montréal

The Sphere Media team captivates audiences with its films, dramatic series and comedies, which reach diverse audiences through major broadcasters in Canada and around the world. It creates and produces this content, in addition to ensuring the distribution of its television products. Its strength lies in the talent of the creators who trust it to tell their stories well.

Josée Vallée

Executive Vice-President, Scripted and Feature Films, French content

Marwa Laquerre-Tantawy

Content producer, Scripted

Richard Haddad

Producer, Scripted

Ronan Thomas

Project Manager, Feature films

Sophie Pellerin

Vice-President, Scripted

Alexis Poulin-Herry

Producer, Scripted

Christine Lévesque

Postproduction Director, Scripted

Claudia Vallée

Project manager, Scripted

Sylvie Gaudreault

Vice-President, Scripted

Marie-Claude Poulin

Producer, Scripted and Feature films

Anne Bergeron

Senior Project Manager, Scripted