Drama and Comedy series & Feature films, Montréal

The strength of the team lies in the talent of the creators who trust it to tell their stories well.

Josée Vallée

Executive Vice-President | Executive Producer, Scripted and Feature Films, French content

Marie-Claude Poulin

Senior producer, Scripted and Feature Films

Richard Haddad

Producer, Scripted

Ronan Thomas

Associate producer, Feature films

Sophie Pellerin

Senior producer, Scripted

Alexis Poulin-Herry

Producer, Scripted

Christine Lévesque

Director of postproduction, Scripted

Claudia Vallée

Project manager, Scripted

Sylvie Gaudreault

Senior producer, Scripted

Marwa Laquerre-Tantawy

Content producer, Scripted

Anne Bergeron

Senior Project Manager, Scripted