June 23, 2020

DATSIT Sphere becomes Sphere Media and Unveils New Colours

Montreal, June 23, 2020 – Today, Sphere Media has been revealed as the new principal brand of the firm formerly known as DATSIT Sphere, a company that has been involved in the creation, production and distribution of audiovisual and cinematographic content for over 35 years.

This new corporate identity and image for Sphere Media, along with those of its subsidiaries, BGM, GO FilmsOasis AnimationSienna FilmsSphere Media Distribution and WaZabi Films, has been created to reflect the group’s dynamic strategy and sustained growth in recent years. The Sphere Media brand is underpinned by the company’s values of innovation, creation, synergy and leadership with a mission to continue to make its mark as a Canadian and global audiovisual industry leader.

Sphere Media has made several acquisitions over the past four years. Founded in 1984 under the name Groupe Télé-Vision, the company became Datsit Studios in 2012. After that, it merged successively with ORBI-XXI in 2016; Sphere Media Plus in 2017; GO Films in 2018; Oasis Animation, Quiet Motion and WaZabi Films in 2019; and finally, BGM and Sienna Films in 2020. Each of these established brands brings us an exceptional legacy of content and know-how, thanks to the highly talented creators and producers who now make up the creative family of Sphere Media. This expansion has allowed the company to increase its capacity in the creation, production and distribution of audiovisual and cinematographic content of all kinds, ranging from documentaries to scripted projects, including 2D animation, variety shows, magazine programs, game shows, major events and feature films, for all audiences, locally and throughout the world.

“The Sphere Media brand, accompanied by those of BGM, GO FilmsOasis AnimationSienna FilmsSphere Media Distribution and WaZabi Films, will allow us to pursue our growth and to achieve synergetic milestones in the creation and production of original content for Canadian and international markets. Our new corporate and visual identity expresses the shared values of our group, and a clear creative vision in all audiovisual segments and on all markets, particularly with series like Les aventures du Pharmachien, Épidémie, CerebrumLes HonorablesUne autre histoireBad Blood19-2CardinalRansomTricksterCombat Hospital100 Days To Victory, 9/11: Control The Skies, Paranormal 911Haunted HospitalsLa Famille GroulxArthurF is for Family, Curious George, and, most recently, Transplant (CTV, NBCU and NBC), as well as feature films like 1991FabuleusesHow She MoveSympathie pour le diable and Flashwood. We intend to derive full benefit from these exceptional accomplishments by our creators and producers as we make further progress with our original offerings in all content categories and in all marketplaces,” explains Bruno Dubé, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sphere Media.