Red Monk Studio and Sphere Animation combine creative forces to develop Nadia

Nadia is an animated series that promotes intergenerational relationships between women

RED MONK STUDIO and SPHERE ANIMATION (formerly Sardine Productions) are proud to announce their cooperation to develop Nadia: a 52×11’ animated show that aims to charm kids from upper preschool age to 9 yo. This project, created by the talented Caterina Cappelli, marks the first partnership between both studios, which are eager to present the series next month at MIFA during the Annecy animation festival.

The series explores the adventures of Nadia, a warmhearted nine-year-old witch, who lives with her mentor Agatha in beautiful Little Oak Town. Nadia promotes the strength and importance of intergenerational relationships, specifically the bond that the two characters build by working together to help the world around them.

Whether rescuing fantastical creatures in danger or fixing misdeeds done by the spoiled and insensitive Claude Clodoveous, both witches work in harmony to preserve the balance of nature. The series art features a rich palette of colors, and the endearing character designs will delight all viewers.

Lucia Geraldine Scott, producer at Red Monk Studio, comments: “Nadia is a whimsical, humorous, and heartfelt series that will bring to life two amazing and unique female characters that we’re sure will enchant and inspire children – and aspiring young witches – around the world.”

Nadia is Red Monk’s first animated original production after the Superprod’s acquisition. The studio is currently in production with two International CG series as a vendor.

Ghislain Cyr, SVP Original Content Animation and producer at Sphere Animation adds: “This fruitful collaboration has provided both studios with access to exceptional creative talent. A sense of harmony and mutual respect based on a love of developing IP was quickly established between the studios, an essential aspect to ensure the success of such a partnership!”