Animaux à la retraite

Host Mathieu Roy meets people who have decided to offer a beautiful and peaceful retirement to animals, for whom a career in the service of humans is over. Laboratory chimpanzees, sled dogs, racing greyhounds, show horses and other farm animals are welcomed by animal lovers in retirement homes. At their own expense, they offer them quality care, emotional support and a safe environment to end their lives with dignity, in addition to loving and cuddling them until the very end.



Noémie Jolicoeur-Laforest

Scriptwriter and Content producer

Marie-Ève Potvin

Line producer

Nathalie Lessard

Supervising producer

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Executive producers

Mélanie d’Astous
Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour
Renée Mouchawar
Josée Vallée