Au chalet de Rémi

Rémi-Pierre Paquin is at the heart of the documentary series Au chalet de Rémi, on Z. Each week, he greets friends who are dear to him to live together an unforgettable day in his Mauricie paradise. Rémi-Pierre Paquin welcomes each guest in the comfort of his cottage and together, they experience a variety of out of the ordinary memorable activities. A summer camp for adults, tailor-made for his guests, for the greatest pleasure of the viewers. Several celibrities such as Patrice Robitaille, Julie Le Breton, Pier-Luc Funk and Catherine Brunet are among his guests this season.



Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Josée Vallée
Mélanie D’Astous
Renée Mouchawar
Robert Montour

Line producer

Isabelle Fortier

Content producer

Nicolas Lemay

Production manager

Marie-Pier Malouin-Ducharme

Production coordinator

Cassandre Desmarais


Jean-Philippe Pariseau


Camelia Desrosiers