Bras de fer

The documentary series Bras de fer takes us into the fascinating world of arm wrestling. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is home to a gang of arm wrestlers who have united to form an elite team. They are called the DAWT: the Destroyer Arm Wrestling Team and their motto is “Strength. Determination. Strategy. Courage.

The DAWT team is made up of 15 proud men who are wholeheartedly devoted to their sport. They train like crazy to prepare for competitions in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S. These guys are not fighting for money, nor for glory. They are fighting for honour. Arm wrestling is an intense sport. When two strong men confront each other and share the same goal – to destroy the other – things get exciting!

Z Télé

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour


Jacques W. Lina
Marie-Pierre Corriveau

Production managers

Sarah Bussière
Catherine Lord

Director and scriptwriter

Nicolas Houde-Sauvé