Convoi sous zéro

Every year, between February 15 and March 31, a dozen Quebec truckers volunteer to face the perils of the ice roads that stretch between Pickle Lake in northern Ontario and the 31 different Aboriginal communities located further north.

These communities can only be reached by the famous “winter road corridor”; roads of ice and frozen ground that cross lakes, rivers and undergrowth and that allow convoys of packers to supply the northern communities with the essential goods they will need for the rest of the year. The challenge is simple: to supply northern communities in 45 days…before the road disappears.

The Convoi sous zéro series will share every moment of the daily life of this small group of Quebec truckers throughout the 45 days of the expedition.

Created by

Ivan Lamontagne


Ivan Lamontagne


Éric Blouin

Line producer

Alexandre Côté