C’tu juste moi ?

Starting February 20, 9 p.m. | Moi et Cie

In this documentary series, Benoit Dutrizac wants to know if people share his fears, obsessions and behaviors. Through numerous encounters, he tries to better understand himself, while taking a look at the society that surrounds him. His relationship with money, his anger, his addiction to screens, his apocalyptic nightmares are all subjects that he analyzes. Sometimes lucid, sometimes in bad faith, he never lacks self-mockery.

Is it just him who thinks that death is expensive? Is it just him who would never want to be a teacher? Is it just him who fears death? Is it just him who doesn’t understand how people on minimum wage make it? This is what we will discover as we meet him.

Moi et Cie

Host and scriptwriter

Benoit Dutrizac


Brian Desgagné
Noémie Jolicoeur-Laforest

Production manager

Véronique Bissonnette


Marc-Alexandre Larouche

Content Producer, Scriptwriter and Research

Geneviève Laurin