A dangerous virus is spreading in and around Montreal. It does not discriminate and attacks all groups in society: young, old, poor, rich. No one is safe. How long will it take Anne-Marie Leclerc (Julie LeBreton), an infectious disease specialist and director of the Laboratoire d’urgence sanitaire, to realize that this highly contagious disease exists? Will it be too late to prevent a deadly epidemic from spreading to the entire population? In Épidémie, the protagonists face fears and dilemmas that are truly upon us. We experience the epidemic through the eyes, ears, and hearts of characters who are just like us.



Bernard Dansereau
Annie Piérard
Étienne Piérard Dansereau


Yan Lanouette Turgeon


Julie Le Breton (Anne-Marie Leclerc)
Gabriel Sabourin (Marc Gauthier)
Guillaume Cyr (Laurent Demers)
Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin (Chloé Roy-Bélanger)
Ève Landry (Françoise Dufour)
Nancy Saunders (Nelli Kadjulik)
Bruno Marcil (Fabrice Prévert)
Félix-Antoine Tremblay (Pascal Dion)
Ulivia Uviluk (Alacie Akumalik)
Laurence Deschênes (Sabrina Gauthier)
Kathleen Fortin (Viviane Doyle)
Alice Pascual (Yessica Florès)
Reda Guerinik (Hakim Bouab)
Mani Soleymanlou (Dr Quentin Buis)
Sandrine Bisson (Évelyne Pelletier)
Catherine Bérubé (Geneviève Lévesque)
Jules Philip (Robert Dupuis)


Sophie Pellerin

Executive producers

Jocelyn Deschênes
Bruno Dubé
Josée Vallée

Associate producers

Bernard Dansereau
Annie Piérard

Gémeaux 2021

Nomination – Production with the most Oustanding sucess out of Canada

Rockie Awards 2021

Nomination – Drama Series: Non-English Language

Gémeaux 2020

Nomination – Best Casting: Fiction
Nomination – Best Makeup/Hair: Fiction