Fais un homme de toi

The documentary series Fais un homme de toi follows the quest of well-known personalities, as they experiment with the hard ways of life of their ancestors. Guided by an expert who is well versed in the knowledge and challenges of their ancestors, the celebrity learns, not without difficulty, how to use the tools of the time. Sweat, discomfort, and stress will ensue!!

Through the inevitable twists and turns of the difficult challenge, Fais un homme de toi  is a colorful look at the strong men of today, champions of communication, as they discover the strength and manual skills of their ancestors.

Screenwriter and director

Nicolas Houde Sauvé

Editing director

Frédéric Leblanc

Production manager

Sarah Bussière

Line producer

Marie-Pierre Corriveau


Jacques W. Lina

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour