Familles d’éleveurs

All across Quebec, we share the daily lives of six families who have embarked on the adventure of raising dogs and cats in their homes. They all have one thing in common: their large families are animal lovers. A series rich in emotion that highlights the profession of breeders and makes us discover all the attention paid to their little furry creatures. We witness each step of their lives: from the moment they open their eyes, take their first steps and discover the lawn, to the day of the big departure, that is to say their adoption. A bittersweet moment for the family breeders, who are both happy to have found a loving family for their little ones, but sad to see them leave the family nest.  We will follow and learn from their journey by sharing their daily lives with the lows, but especially the highs of this profession that they all practice with rigor and ethics.

Canal Vie


Étienne Fournier

Line producer

Karine Bédard

Administrative Production coordinator

Corinne Picotte-Lavoie

Content producer

Marie-Ève L. Potvin

Production manager

Marie-Christine Blouin