Fête Nationale du Québec à Montréal

Éditions 2010 à 2012

In the heart of Maisonneuve Park, Guy A. Lepage brings together several singers and musicians to celebrate the Fête nationale du Québec in Montreal. A festive atmosphere, fleurs de lys, lively songs and a cheerful crowd are all part of a flamboyant and unifying show with a party feel. Among the guests who came to perform in this unique show, let us name Ariane Moffatt, Les Trois Accords, Robert Charlebois, Vincent Vallières and Marie Mai.



Pierre Séguin

Artistic director and Stage director

Sylvie Rémillard

Musical director

Dan Georgesco

Producteur délégué

Louis Trépanier


Isabelle Boulay
Jean-Pierre Ferland
Mister Valaire
Arianne Moffatt
Yan Perreau
Adam Cohen
Daniel Bélanger
Alain François
David Giguère
Alfa Rococo


Guy A. Lepage