Haunted Hospitals

Season 5 | Coming soon

Haunted Hospitals tells the terrifying stories of paranormal activity that happens inside Canadian, American and UK hospitals, nursing homes, morgues and medical institutions. What is it about these places that inspire the most compelling stories? Past patients come back from the grave to seek revenge. Medical professionals insist on tending to their ward – even in death. Spirits stalk corridors to warn against pending danger. These are not random encounters.

Every hour-long episode tells 2-3 separate stories linked by theme. As each story begins, we meet the real-life medical professionals or patients who were witness to a disturbing and unexplained encounter.

With compelling interviews, we build to the most dramatic moments of our story – employing high quality recreations to further immerse viewers in the terrifying paranormal encounter.


United Kingdom




Robin Bicknell
Patrick Hepburn


Tara Elwood
Tobin Long
Tiffany Martindale
Sara Soligo

Executive producer

Bruno Dubé

Series producers

Sara Zammit
Robin Bicknell
Kate Kung

2023 Canadian Screen Awards

Nomination – Best Achievement in Make-up

2022 Canadian Screen Awards

Nomination – Best Direction, Factual