Dodging the Clock

Original title: Horloge Biologique

Three men in their thirties are confronted with their respective spouses’ desire to have children. They are all at different stages of the project: Sebastien is already the father of an eight-month-old boy, Paul’s wife is already pregnant, while Fred is in no hurry. What follows is a series of situations in which our three protagonists are simply looking for happiness and tranquility.

How to react when friendships change, when the circle closes on this small cell that is our new family, when we feel that it is the end of our youth. Dogding the clock, a dramatic comedy about fatherhood and the male instinct.


Ricardo Trogi


Jean-Philippe Pearson
Patrice Robitaille
Ricardo Trogi


Nicole Robert


Patrice Robitaille
Pierre-François Legendre
Jean-Philippe Pearson

Official selection

Kingston Film Festival, Canada, 2007
Port of Spain Film Festival, Trinity and Tobago, 2007
Bridgetown Film Festival, Barbados, 2007
Port of Prince Film Festival, Haiti, 2007
Saratov International Film Festival, Russia, 2007
Montevideo International Film Festival, Uruguay, 2007
Santiago International Film Festival, Chile, 2007
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2007
Cinema of Quebec in Paris, France, 2007
Miami International Film Festival, USA, 2006

Prix Jutra 2006

Nomination – Best direction
Nomination – Best original score

Prix Olivier 2006

Winner – Best Comedy