Karmina 2

Five years later… Vampires live in peace with the human race thanks to the potion invented by Esmerelda. Chabot (Gildor Roy) is in charge of making the potion. His wife Linda (Diane Lavallée), dreams of becoming a vampire to get revenge on Vlad (Yves Pelletier) who ruined her life.

Linda argues with Chabot and throws him to the curb without his precious potion and without his precious “grimoire” which contains the secret recipe. Chabot takes refuge at the home of Vlad, who now lives in Montreal and whom he has not seen for years. Ghyslain discovers that his former friend has been using his name to conduct illegal activities. They find themselves pursued by Julie Cazavant (Sylvie Léonard), an investigative journalist, and by Proulx (Julien Poulin), a criminal whom Vlad tried to con.


Gabriel Pelletier


Yves Pelletier


Nicole Robert


Gildor Roy
Yves Pelletier
Diane Lavallée
Robert Brouillette
Isabelle Cyr

Prix Génie 2002

Nomination – Best Sound Design
Nomination – Best Sound

Prix Jutra 2002

Nomination – Best Picture Editing