La famille Groulx

Season 6 starting November 10, 8 p.m. | Canal Vie

In the 6th season, a wind of unparalleled change is blowing over the Groulx family. Everything will be turned upside down and their daily lives will be affected. For better or for worse! The 12th child has finally arrived with all that it implies! Their little girl completes the family but could already give the parents headaches.

Delayed by the pandemic, the project to expand the house finally sees the light of day and will have several repercussions on family life. The parents, who sleep with the newborn, must leave their room for the duration of the work and move into the playroom in the living room, a space that has no doors, in a house that is constantly in motion and where 11 other children live. There will also be a big move and a reallocation of all the children to their new rooms. An extra room will become available as Tristan will be the first Groulx to leave the family nest with his girlfriend. To add to the perfect storm, it’s not only the house that will be under construction but the backyard as well since they have to cut down 7 mature trees to change the septic field. The family routine will take a hit!

The parents

Tara and Pascal

The kids

Tristan, Sasha, Bianca, Gavin, Savannah, Haylee, Logan, Lucas, Gavin, Nathan, Amaya, Sienna and Neveah


Sarah Lévesque
Marc-André Chabot


Marc-André Chabot
Frédéric Leblanc


Maxime Tremblay


Ivan Lamontagne
Marc-Alexandre Larouche

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour