La Robe

Available on Vrai

La Robe is two stylists competing to find a candidate’s dress. Beyond a personalized styling experience, the candidates will choose a dress that symbolizes a turning point, an important step in their life.

Whether it’s for a prom, a wedding, or a man who wants to assume his desire to wear a dress, our two stylists have the challenge of finding THE dress that will allow our candidates to shine. Members of their entourage attend the fittings to help them make the final choice. A friend who is a little too honest, a husband who is moved to tears, the comments and reactions of their companions inevitably influence the decision of our participants. But beware, our stylists also play elbow to elbow to convince that their proposal is the dress they need!

At the end of the runway, the candidates leave with a dress, but also with the necessary confidence to shine when they wear it.



Vanessa Cournoyer

Line producer

Alexandre Côté