La vie secrète des animaux

Starting September 22, 7:30 p.m. | ICI Explora

Because we haven’t finished bringing you the milestones in the lives of our favorite animals, this third season of La vie secrète des animaux continues to amaze with new topical themes and surprising discoveries. Do animals suffer from loneliness? How do two species manage to understand each other without speaking the same language? How do animals cope with jet lag when
changing countries? Who are the most rebellious? How do you prevent a rhinoceros from scratching its wound after an operation? Is there such a thing as a vegan bear?

Always keen to draw parallels between human and animal life, it’s with a healthy dose of humor that you’ll meet new species and get to know our experienced staff, who are still as enamored of our favorite little creatures as ever!


Production team of season 3


Stéphane Rousseau


Étienne Fournier
Simon Lamontagne

Production administrative coordinator

Amélie Richard


Barclay Fortin


Couleur TV

Production manager

Marie-Christine Blouin

Line producer

Karine Bédard


Monique Guilbault


Julie Hébert

Offline editor

Carole Lampron