Face Time

Original title: Le baiser du barbu

Benoit, an actor surviving on his barman wages, follows the advice of is his brother Frank – a former hockey player turned talent agent- and grows a beard to get a part in a dinner theatre play.

Benoit’s girlfriend Vicky, an ex dramaturge who now works as a librarian, finds it difficult to accept this latest development, as it will delay the couple’s plan to purchase a condo from their friends Caro and Vincent, who manage a hair and beauty salon.

But Benoit’s beard seems to have magical powers: he suddenly has a great deal of success, while Vicky develops a mysterious allergy to her boyfriend’s facial hair.

Director and screenwriter

Yves Pelletier


Nicole Robert
Martine Beauchemin


David Savard
Isabelle Blais
Louis-José Houde
Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc
Pierre-François Legendre
Ricardo Trogi

Sélection officielle

FICFA – International Festival of Francophone Film in Acadie, Canada, 2010