Le monde à l’envers

Live from TVA’s mythical Studio A, Stéphan Bureau will pilot the new debate and news show Le monde à l’envers, a 90-minute fun show that focuses on heated discussions where all opinions are allowed. Each week, Stéphan will be accompanied by contributors and guests with whom anything can happen.

With lively reactions to current events, interaction with the public in the studio as well as at home, and many surprises, it’s safe to say that this great Friday night show will be full of surprises.

This year, we will finally see Le monde à l’envers!


Stéphane Bureau

Coordinating director

Daniel Laurin


Guy Gagnon

Associate producer

Stéphan Bureau

Content producer

Mélanie Brunet

Supervising producer

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Production manager

Dominique Roy

Line producer

Sarah Bussière

Executive producers

Renaud Chassé
Robert Montour