Nouvelle adresse

Nathalie Lapointe, on the verge of turning forty, is a single mother with three kids. She’s also a well-known columnist at a major daily newspaper. Just as she’s starting to think she can pay a little more attention to her own needs, she gets terrible news: the cancer from which she’s been in remission for two years is back. How can she break it to her kids? How can the family contemplate the future with this sword of Damocles hanging over them?

Nouvelle adresse is an audacious series about a normal family whose world is overturned from one day to the next. Family members must stick together and learn to adapt, because, despite everything, life goes on. Facing the uncertainty and fragility of life, each family member confronts moments of wrenching truth. Of resignation, but also of hope. Of rage, but also of love.


Created and written by

Richard Blaimert


Sophie Pellerin

Executive producers

Jocelyn Deschênes
Josée Vallée


Sophie Lorain
Rafaël Ouellet
Louise Archambault
Richard Blaimert​


Macha Grenon
Mona Chokri
Antoine Pilon
Marguerite Bouchard
Jade Charbonneau
Patrick Hivon
Benoit Gouin
Jean-François Pichette
Muriel Dutil
Pierre Curzi
Macha Limonchik
Pierre-Yves Cardinal
Sophie Prégent

Gémeaux 2016

Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Seasonal Drama Series – Macha Limonchik

Gémeaux 2015

Winner – Best Lead Actress: Seasonal Drama Series (2-13 episodes) – Macha Limonchik
Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Seasonal Dramatic Series (2-13 episodes) – Muriel Dutil
Winner – Best Supporting Actor: Seasonal Drama Series (2-13 episodes) – Patrick Hivon
Winner – Best Photography Direction: Drama
Winner – Best Makeup/Hairstyling: All Categories