Paranormal 911

There are 240 million 911 calls in the US each year. A shocking number of these emergencies lead to fear-soaked paranormal encounters. Every day, police, fire and ambulance crews are exposed to unspeakable murders, armed robberies, horrific fires, terrible accidents – carnage for which these heroic first responders are trained. But no amount of training can prepare them for the otherworldly, paranormal mysteries that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Paranormal 911 explores these real-life events through the eyes of those who lived them. It’s a first-person, gripping drama-doc series that thrusts viewers into terrifying encounters of the victims and the 911 responders – police, firefighters, paramedics – who took the call… Their gripping, personal testimonies promise to keep the storytelling authentic and the horror close at hand.


Tim Wolochatiuk
Robin Bicknell
Michael Allcock
Michael Sinyi


Sally Karam
Brad Brough
Richard Campbell

Executive producers

Marlo Miazga
Corinna Lehr
Sean Connolly
Julie Bristow