Paranormal Nightshift

Night is something we lock the door against. Since the Middle Ages, night has been considered the time when spirits return. Our fear of the witching hours makes us bolt the windows, huddle on the couch, or go directly to bed. But not everyone is so lucky. Those who work the graveyard shift must venture into the night while the rest of us sleep. Is it any wonder that their work so often includes paranormal encounters? By day the workplace is rational and efficient – but at night these same offices, hotels, eateries, theatres and even open highways become the domain of ghosts, demons, and the inexplicable.


Sharon Lewis
Tobin Long
Sebastian Cluer
Tim Wolochatiuk


Kate Kung
Sharon Lewis

Executive producers

Marlo Miazga
Corinna Lehr
Sean Connolly
Julie Bristow

2021 Canadian Screen Awards

Winner – Best Direction, Factual  – Clown Boy’s Revenge, She Follows Me and I.T.
Nomination – Best Direction, Factual – Night Radio, Lady in Red and Spirit Alley