Paranormal Revenge

Coming | Fall 2023

Paranormal Revenge offers a fresh approach to creepy, hair-raising stories that emanate from the dimension beyond. Each story unfolds from the perspective of a real person who has been targeted by a mysterious paranormal entity or entities. What follows is a truly original and compelling approach: a mash-up of the true-crime procedural and terrifying ghost stories. With its slow creep, mysterious locations, and deep character studies, Paranormal Revenge takes viewers on an original and terrifying trip through the dark veil that separates our reality from the horrors beyond.

CTV Sci-Fi Channel


Robin Bicknell
Michael Allcock

Series producer

Robin Bicknell


Kate Kung

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Marlo Miazga
Andrea Griffith
Corinna Lehr
Sean Connolly
Aidan Denison