Penthouse 5-0

From series Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, Louise Nantel (Isabelle Vincent) is now VP Marketing at DM Cosmétiques after the producer in her has gone belly up. Meanwhile, the “Aktrice” Estelle Poliquin (Elise Guilbault) is still waiting for her next big role. It is during this long wait that she disputes her rent and finds herself literally homeless, her furniture on the side of the road. Estelle puts her future in Louise’s hands and asks her to take her in for the sake of their friendship. This is how our two single friends find themselves under the same roof, that of Loulou’s fabulous penthouse. By living together, they encourage each other not to give in to the untimely impulses of their hearts. Easier said than done when the neighbor next door is a very attractive policeman…


Written by

Richard Blaimert

Executive producer

Joselyn Deschênes


Mélanie Lamothe
Myrianne Pavlovic


Claude Desrosiers​


Élise Guilbault
Isabelle Vincent
Brigitte Paquette
Serge Postigo
Jean-François Nadeau
Marie-Laurence Moreau
Carl Marotte
Bianca Gervais

Gémeaux 2011

Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Comedy – Brigitte Paquette