Piscines de rêve

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Joël-Éric is the reference in luxury pool and spa projects in Quebec. Money is no limit when it comes to high-end products and innovation is the order of the day. His team works hard to fulfill the desires of his customers. Quebecers are the biggest pool and spa enthusiasts in the world. Its customers are among the top 20 richest people in the province. It is a race against time to deliver all projects on time, despite their complexity and difficulties. His clients are demanding, and the projects must quickly turn into majestic and spectacular works that meet their expectations. Throughout the series, we will experience the daily life of Joël-Éric, but also of the main members of his team, as they face all the challenges that arise.

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Joël-Éric Mignault


Brian Desgagné
Michel Johnson

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Michel Johnson

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Marc-Alexandre Larouche