Pompiers : la relève

The firefighting profession is demanding but exciting. Each year, the IPIQ trains more than one hundred firefighters. During 10 months at the Institut de protection contre les incendies du Québec, these recruits learn to handle hoses, drive a truck, search for victims, perform rescues, but also to live in a group and respect their colleagues and superiors.

The series Pompiers : la relève follows candidates to the firefighting profession for an entire school year. How does one become a firefighter? What do you learn in training? Who are the young firefighters of tomorrow? Who are their inspirations? Why did they choose this profession?

Created by

Anne-Marie Rainville

Director and scriptwriter

Jean Lefebvre

Editing director

Karine Paradis

Production manager

Marc-Alexandre Larouche


Ivan Lamontagne

Supervising producer

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour
Sophie Pellerin
Josée Vallée