Project Rube

Coming | 20214

Calling all makers! It’s time to get unnecessarily complicated.

In this STEM-focused series, Morley Kert leads a team of tweens in the ultimate feat of creativity, ingenuity, and fun as they use chain reactions in the form Rube Goldberg machines. Each machine will not only look epically cool, it will also serve a purpose. Squeeze a ketchup bottle? Check! Open an umbrella? Check! Crack an egg? Check! No task is too big, too small or too mundane when the Project Rube team is involved!


TVO Kids


Morley Kert


Andrew Hunt
Léa Geronimo Rondot


Bruno Dubé
Marlo Miazga
Kim Bondi
Andrea Griffith
Corinna Lehr
Aiden Denison


Chloe Gray

Director of Development

Vanessa Larkey