Resto pop-up

A chef sits behind the stove at Resto pop-up for an evening. His/her mission: to prepare dishes that introduce us to his/her native culture and reveal more about his/her personality. The chef shares with us secret ingredients and unique techniques from his/her gastronomic heritage. Around the kitchen island, Tamy Emma Pepin guides the discussion and makes sure that everything is ready for the arrival of the guests in the dining room. In a festive atmosphere, they have the chance to taste dishes with flavors from around the word. After two lively services and satisfied customers, the chef puts together a team meal to conclude the evening.



Paul-Maxime Corbin


Tamy Emma Pepin

Content producer

Véronique Thouin

Line producer

Claudie Gravel

Supervising producer

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Mélanie D’astous
Natasha Mellilo
Renée Mouchawar