Sophie has everything going for her… a talent agency inherited from her father, a husband-to-be, good looks, friends, and a baby on the way. Life is great… until the day her whole world crumbles. Sophie must learn to balance single motherhood with the task of overseeing the messed-up artists on her roster – including her late father’s ex-mistress, whose star is definitely on the wane. And let’s not forget her neurotic mother, her criminal brother, and her decidedly screwy social circle. Quite a challenge. But Sophie never gives up!



Fox Inter Channel

The Netherlands

Created by

Richard Blaimert

Written and adapted by

Howard Busgang
Richard Blaimert
Howard Nemetz
Sherlley Scarrow
Karen Hill
James Hurst
Synthia Knight
Lienne Sawatsky
Dan Williams
Emily Andras
Paul Pogue
Anita Kapila
Karen Mc Clellan
Sherry White
Julie Stassman Cohn
Emer Connon
Pierre Samson


Eric Tessier
Lyne Charlebois
Stephan Pleszczynski
Michel Poulette​


Natalie Brown
Sebastian Spence
Amy Lalonde
Jeff Geddis
Mimi Kuzyk
Sara Botsford
Chantelle Chung
Catherine Bérubé