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This eight-episode sketch comedy features a club of disabled swimmers who meet in a pool changing room.

The group includes Stéphane (Dominic Sillon), whose glass eye disrupts his straight-line trajectory, making him the club’s worst swimmer, and Mike (Michel Cordey), who lives with glass bone disease and uses a wheelchair. He trains diligently and always finds a way to make his mates laugh. Then there’s Catherine (Charlie Rousseau), an intrepid car mechanic who defies all prejudices linked to her congenital arm and leg deformities. There’s also Charles (Jacques Poulin-Denis), a right-leg amputee and the most competitive member of the club, and Valérie (Andréanne Fortin), who has Tourette’s syndrome and whose tics often lead to comical situations, as well as Caro (Lamia Benhacine), who is prone to forgetfulness after suffering a stroke. Finally, there’s Sarah (Marie-Christine Ricignuolo), a visually impaired woman in search of true love, and Isabelle (Camille Chaï), born without a left arm or a left leg. Other equally colorful characters liven up the sessions in the changing room. These brave swimmers are supervised by Pierre (Michel Charette), a dedicated coach who’s a bit full of himself, a penny-pincher at times, but above all kind to all members of the team.

Adapted from the French format of the same name, which has been hugely successful in France since 2011, Vestiaires is an inclusive sketch series that follows in the footsteps of shows that showcase and normalize diversity in all its forms.





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Paco Lebel

Simon Delisle

Isabelle Laperrière

Justine Philie

Alexina Gilbert

Dave Richer

Sébastien Mathieu

Dominic Sillon

Guillaume Wagner



Michel Charette

Dominic Sillon

Michel Cordey

Charlie Rousseau

Jacques Poulin-Denis

Lamia Benhacine

Camille Chai

Andréanne Fortin

Marie-Christine Ricignuolo

Content producers

Dominic Sillon

Nicolas Lemay


Josée Vallée


Louis Choquette