Vice caché

With a tone that is at once dramatic and humorous, Vice caché takes us into the lives of five couples residing on suburban Croissant des Gémeaux, a “magnificent dead end” where cathedral ceilings, columns, in-ground swimming pools and luxury cars are the order of the day. This series explores the silent anguish lurking in the shadows of a modern world where isolated suburbs stretch off to infinity.

Vice caché strikes a note of irony as it asks a profoundly serious question: how can people have everything and still be unhappy?


Created and written by

François Camirand
Louis Saia


Jocelyn Deschênes
Sophie Pellerin

Associate producer

Mélanie Lamothe


Louis Saia
Claude Desrosiers


Luc Picard
Nathalie Mallette
Micheline Bernard
Guy Nadon
Maude Guérin
François Papineau
Sylvie Léonard
Christian Bégin
Marie-France Lambert
Alexis Martin

Gémeaux 2006

Winner – Best Lead Actress: Drama Series – Sylvie Léonard
Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Drama Series – Maude Guérin
Winner – Best Supporting Actor: Drama Series – François Papineau

Artis 2006

Winner – Best Actor, Drama Series- Luc Picard

Gémeaux 2005

Winner – Best Supporting Actress: Drama Series – Micheline Bernard