Henry Cole is a famous pianist who is making a return to the stage after a long absence. During the inaugural concert, he is struck by severe stage fright and narrowly escapes disaster. Afterwards, his psychological condition continues to deteriorate, to the point where his career is in jeopardy and, with it, his identity and the meaning of his life. Then Helen Morrison, an ex-pianist turned music critic, arrives and wants to get an interview and write an article about Henry. But he is a reserved and austere man, who does not like to talk about himself. Helen persists nevertheless and ends up gaining his trust. Thus was born a singular relationship, based on a common sensibility and on the love of music. Henry seems strengthened and starts playing the piano again. Helen believes him still fragile. She proposes a trip, a concert in a remote place, in Sils-Maria in the Upper Engadine. She had once found the answer to her malaise there, and she hoped that he would find his own.


Claude Lalonde


Patrick Stewart
Katie Holmes
Giancarlo Esposito


Louis Godbout


Nicolas Comeau – Clinamen Films


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