The Wolf and the Lion

When her grandfather dies, Alma moves into her childhood home on a deserted island in the heart of wild Canada. Her life is quickly turned upside down when her path crosses that of a lion cub, having survived a plane crash, and a wolf cub, abandoned by its mother. The two animals develop a special relationship with each other and Alma decides to keep them close to her. But their happiness is threatened by the owner of a circus who wants his lion back at all costs. Alma won’t give up her new friends so easily.


Gilles De Maistre


Molly Kunz
Graham Greene


Prune de Maistre
Gilles de Maistre


Catherine Camborde
Gilles de Maistre
Nicolas Elghozi
Claude Léger
Jacques Perrin
Valentine Perrin
Sylvain Proulx
Jonathan Vanger


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