The Blind Steal

Original title: Norbourg

In the early 2000s, Norbourg was at the origin of one of the biggest financial scandals in the history of Quebec.

Inspired by true-events. Humble Quebec Securities Commission inspector and auditor Eric Asselin is mandated to monitor the activities of financial firm Norbourg. Seduced by the charm and audacity of Norbourg’s slick leader Vincent Lacroix, Asselin leaves his boring commission position and joins the lavish lifestyle as his right-hand man. Together they set up a fraudulent system to divert millions of dollars into the mutual funds they manage. However, the extravagant lifestyle cannot last forever. Facing heat from the authorities, Asselin turns on his boss with hopes of saving himself. Norbourg managed to bilk $130 million from thousands of small investors.


Maxime Giroux


Vincent-Guillaume Otis
François Arnaud
Christine Beaulieu


Simon Lavoie


Réal Chabot – Films du Boulevard Inc.

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