Queen Tut

Following the death of his mother, an Egyptian new adult, Nabil, relocates to Toronto to live with his estranged father, Iskander, an eminent architect. In his exploration of the city, he meets Malibu, a trans elder, fighting alone against the possible demolition of her haven, Mandy’s a drag nightclub that her recently deceased partner owned. Nabil is reminded of his mother, a seamstress, and fashion designer when he learns that Malibu sews all her own outfits and asks Malibu to teach him his mother’s craft. Malibu and Nabil develop a friendship and Nabil is thrust into Malibu’s crusade to save Mandy’s, which has a long-time history for the Toronto 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Nabil fails to disclose that it is his own father’s work that is responsible for the impending demolition of Mandy’s, but nonetheless joins the fight. As Nabil comes into his own queer identity, becoming QUEEN TUT, he and Malibu begin to realize that their efforts to cling to the past are holding them back from manifesting the legacy their loved ones would have wanted.


Reem Morsi


Shant Joshi – Fae Pictures
Lindsay Blair Goeldner – Fae Pictures


Alexandra Billings
Ryan Ali
Thom Allison
Kiriana Stanton
Dani Jazzar


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