Gaby wants desperately to find love. Recently dumped and on the brink of forty, she feels she doesn’t matter to anyone. Her best friend is pre occupied with her kids, her family doesn’t get her and running her own catering business, mostly weddings, serves as a constant reminder of the love that has eluded her. Gaby’s greatest fear, that she’ll end up a lonely and pathetic spinster, seems to be her destiny. After a frenzy of dating leaves her exhausted and demoralized, Gaby admits she might never find love and must create a Plan B. Gaby begins to build a meaningful and connected life. But when a chance romantic encounter with Mr. Right threatens to uproot her, she realizes the value of her life, even if it doesn’t involve romance.


Andrea Dorfman


Chelsea Peretti
Kate Lynch
Susan Kent
Jonathan Watton


Jennifer Deyel


Bill Niven
Marc Tétreault – Sea Green Pictures
Jay Dahl
Will Woods

Official selection

Whistler Film Festival, Canada, 2019
Miami Film Festival, USA, 2020


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