5 nominations at the 2021 WGC Screenwriting Awards

With Transplant, Cardinal andTrickster, Sphere Media and Sienna Films have received nominations at the next  Writers Guild of Canada’s Screenwriting Awards! This is an impressive performance as Sphere and Sienna have 5 of the 6 nominations in the Drama series category.

Specifically, the nominations include:

Cardinal: Until the Night, “Adele” I Written by Sarah Dodd
Transplant, “Pilot” I Written by Joseph Kay
Transplant, “Trigger Warning” I Written by Lynne Kamm
Transplant, “Under Pressure” I Written by Tamara Moulin
Trickster, “Episode 105” I Story by Michelle Latimer and Tony Elliott and Penny Gummerson, Teleplay by Penny Gummerson

The winners will be announced at a virtual gala on April 26. A reminder that the WGC Screenwriting Awards recognize Canadian screenwriters in tv and film. Congratulations to the teams!

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