Canadian Screen Awards: Sphere Media group stands out with 12 wins

Transplant shines with Best Drama Series, Best Writing, Best Direction and Best Lead Actor awards

Sphere Media congratulates its teams for an impressive 12 wins at the Canadian Screen Awards, which were presented this week. The honoured productions are Transplant, Trickster (Sienna Films), Cardinal: Until the Night (Sienna Films), Paranormal Nightshift (BGM) and Happy Place (Sienna Films). Transplant was a particular standout, winning Best Drama Series, Best Direction, Drama Series and Best Writing, Drama Series, while Hamza Haq was awarded Best Lead Actor, Drama Series.

In addition to the awards received by TransplantTrickster won Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Crystle Lightning), Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction and Best Achievement in Make-Up categories. For its part, Cardinal: Until The Night won Best Photography, Drama, Best Picture Editing, Drama and Best Guest Performance, Drama Series (Shawn Doyle). As for Paranormal Nightshift and Happy Place, they respectively won for Best Direction, Factual and Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Mary Walsh).

In total, Sphere Media and its subsidiaries had received 42 nominations in 17 categories.

Distributed worldwide by WaZabi Films, the Quebec production Beans was named Best Motion Picture and received the John Dunning Best First Feature Film Award.

“The 12 awards picked up for Transplant, Cardinal, Trickster, Paranormal Nightshift and Happy Place represent a great honour that reflects on the entire company,” said Bruno Dubé, President and CEO of Sphere Media. “Once again, I would like to salute the exceptional talent of our creators, producers, actors and artisans who are at the heart of our success.”

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s Canadian Screen Awards celebrate annually the country’s top talent in the film, television and digital sectors.

Information on the awards received

Best Drama Series (Jocelyn Deschênes, Bruno Dubé, Joseph Kay, Randy Lennox, Virginia Rankin, Jeremy Spry, Tara Woodbury)
Best Direction, Drama Series (Holly Dale – Pilot)
Best Writing, Drama Series (Joseph Kay – Pilot)
Best Lead Actor, Drama Series (Hamza Haq)

Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction (John Dondertman – Episode 105)
Best Achievement in Make-Up (Steve Newburn, Emily O’Quinn Code, Kayla Dobilas, Trina Brink- Episode 104)
Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Crystle Lightning)

Cardinal: Until The Night
Best Photography, Drama (Steve Cosens – Robert)
Best Picture Editing, Drama (Sandy Pereira – Scott)
Best Guest Performance, Drama Series (Shawn Doyle – Scott)

Paranormal Nightshift
Best Direction, Factual (Sharon Lewis, Timothy Wolochatiuk, Tobin Long, Sebastian Cluer – Clown Boy’s Revenge, She Follows Me, and I.T.)

Happy Place
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Mary Walsh)