CSA: Sphere Media group receives an impressive 42 nominations

Sphere Media is greatly honored to have received 42 nominations at the 2021 Canadian Screen Awards which will take place on May 20, 2021. Honored productions include Cardinal: Until the NightTricksterTransplantHappy PlaceParanormal Nightshift and Backyard Beats.Cardinal and Trickster, produced by subsidiary Sienna Films, have each received an outstanding 15 nominations, the second-most number of nominations for a television production. Furthermore, four films distributed internationally by WaZabi Films also received 15 nominations.

More specifically, Sphere Media picked up four of five nominations in the Best Writing, Drama Series (Cardinal, Transplant, Trickster) and Best Picture Editing, Drama (Cardinal, Trickster) categories. It also has received three nominations in the Best Lead Actor, Drama Series category (Cardinal, Transplant, Trickster), as well as two mentions in the Best Drama Series (Cardinal, Transplant), Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Cardinal, Trickster) and Best Direction, Factual (BGM’s Paranormal Nightshift) categories. Trickster’s cast particularly stands out with seven nominations. BGM’s Backyard Beats has also been nominated for Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series.

Four films from the WaZabi Films distribution catalog have also received 15 additional nominations. The Quebec production Beans picked up five nominations, including those of Best Motion Picture and the John Dunning Prize for the Best First Feature Film.  Underground is named four times, namely in the Best Motion Picture, Best Direction and Best Original Screenplay categories. The Goddess of the Fireflies (including Best Adapted Screenplay) and Nadia, Butterfly (including Best Motion Picture and Best Direction) each have three nominations.

“We are very honored to have obtained such a high number of nominations for a great number of our productions,” said Bruno Dubé, President and CEO, Sphere Media.“This achievement demonstrates the exceptional talent of our creators, producers, actors and artisans. I am extremely proud to be able to count on this amazing team.“

Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television’s  Canadian Screen Awards celebrate annually the country’s top talent in the film, television and digital sectors.


Nominations details

Cardinal: Until The Night

Best Drama Series (Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny, Randy Lennox, Jocelyn Hamilton, Patrick Tarr, Nathan Morlando, Jessica Daniel)Best Writing, Drama Series (Penny E. Gummerson – Barry)
Best Writing, Drama Series (Sarah Dodd – Adele)
Best Photography, Drama (Steve Cosens – Robert)
Best Picture Editing, Drama (Hugh Elchuk – John & Lise)
Best Picture Editing, Drama (Sandy Pereira- Scott)
Best Sound, Fiction (Robert Woolfson, Brennan Mercer, Jane Tattersall, Barry Gilmore, David McCallum, David Caporale, Martin Lee, Stacy Coutts, Jenna Dalla Riva, Sandra Fox, Jack Heeren – John & Lise)
Best Costume Design (Bernadette Croft – Robert)
Best Achievement in Make-Up (Randy Daudlin, Paul Jones, Trina Brink – Neil)
Best Visual Effects (Tom Plaskett, Lara Osland, Pavan Veeramaneni, Igor Garanovschii, Kevin Buessecker, Terence Krueger, Mohsin Kazi, David Rezek, Ramin Pournavab, Sawyer Tomkinson-Hunnef – Robert)
Best Achievement in Hair (Ashley Nay, Dann Campbell – John & Lise)
Best Original Music, Fiction (Todor Kobakov – Scott)
Best Lead Actor, Drama Series (Billy Campbell)
Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Karine Vanasse)
Best Guest Performance, Drama Series (Shawn Doyle – Scott)


Best Writing, Drama Series (Penny E. Gummerson – Episode 105)
Best Picture Editing, Drama (Katie Chipperfield – Episode 102)
Best Picture Editing, Drama (D. Gillian Truster – Episode 104)
Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction (John Dondertman – Episode 105)
Best Achievement in Make-Up  (Steve Newburn, Emily O’Quinn Code, Kayla Dobilas, Trina Brink- Episode 104)
Best Visual Effects – (Tom Plaskett, Tracy Grant, Dayna Pearce, Matt Philip, Mercedes Delgado, Janis Cudars Chris Doe, Adam Smith, Sawyer Tomkinson-Hunnef, Jay Stanners – Episode 104)
Best Achievement in Hair (Ashley Nay, Dann Campbell – Episode 103)
Best Lead Actor, Drama Series (Joel Oulette)
Best Lead Actress, Drama Series (Crystle Lightning)
Best Supporting Actor, Drama (Joel Thomas Hynes)
Best Supporting Actor, Drama (Kalani Queypo)
Best Supporting Actress, Drama (Anna Lambe)
Best Supporting Actress, Drama (Georgina Lightning)
Best Supporting Actress, Drama (Gail Maurice)
Best Stunt Coordination (Randy Butcher – Episode 105)


Best Drama Series (Jocelyn Deschênes, Bruno Dubé, Joseph Kay, Randy Lennox, Virginia Rankin, Jeremy Spry, Tara Woodbury)
Best Direction, Drama Series (Holly Dale – Pilot)
Best Writing, Drama Series (Joseph Kay – Pilot)
Best Photography, Drama (Pierre Gill – Pilot)
Best Achievement in Make-Up (Bruno Gatien, Marlène Rouleau, Mariane Simard – Birth and Rebirth)
Best Lead Actor, Drama Series (Hamza Haq)

Happy Place

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Mary Walsh)
Achievement in Costume Design (Bernadette Croft)
Achievement in Hair (Ashley Nay)

Paranormal Nightshift

Best Direction, Factual (Sharon Lewis, Timothy Wolochatiuk, Tobin Long, Sebastian Cluer – Clown Boy’s Revenge, She Follows Me, and I.T.)
Best Direction, Factual (Sharon Lewis, Timothy Wolochatiuk, Tobin Long – Night Radio, Lady in Red, and Spirit Alley)

Backyard Beats

Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series (Marlo Miazga, Sean Connelly, Corinna Lehr, Daniel Bourré, Chloe Gray)