September 1, 2022

IXE-13: filming begins and cast announced

Marc-André Grondin will be IXE-13 in the new original series on Club illico. Julie Le Breton, Vincent Leclerc and Hugolin Chevrette are also part of the cast of the new historical spy drama which started shooting this week.

We are thrilled to announce the start of filming of the first historical spy drama in Quebec: IXE-13. This new Club illico original series, ambitious, entertaining and featuring a local hero, is produced by Sphere Media (Josée Vallée and Sylvie Gaudreault) in collaboration with Québecor Contenu and will bring to life the adventures of Quebec’s most famous secret agent!

Actor Marc-André Grondin will play the role of the “ace Canadian spy” Jean Thibault, alias IXE-13. At his side, Julie Le Breton (Roxane Racicot), Vincent Leclerc (Victor Laporte) and Hugolin Chevrette (Marius Lamouche) will play his accomplices. In this series, masterfully scripted by Gilles Desjardins (Mensonges, Les pays d’en haut), everyone will be plunged into a labyrinthine operation, full of lies, manipulation, betrayal and secrets. Yan Lanouette Turgeon (Aller simple, Épidémie, L’imposteur) directs the eight 60-minute episodes. Gilles Desjardins and Myriam Poirier are associate producers.

We are in Montreal in 1945, a few months after the end of the Second World War. Jean Thibault, aka IXE-13, the top Canadian secret service agent, is now the respected owner of the Crystal Night Club in the Red Light. As he recovers from his years of hard service, Jean finds himself in the middle of a new espionage operation. On the one hand, the Russians are looking for uranium to make a bomb that threatens the West. On the other, a powerful Nazi group led by Rick Gallaher, a former Canadian soldier, is also seeking uranium to conquer the world.

When an attack occurs against one of his own, Jean has no choice but to return to duty, despite the still-vexing wounds of war that haunt him. His spy acolytes Roxane Racicot, Marius Lamouche and Victor Laporte agree to support him in this perilous mission: to infiltrate and dismantle these networks before the uranium falls into the hands of these conspirators.