Starting February 15, 2024 - Club Illico

Montreal, 1945. A few months have passed since the end of the Second World War. Jean Thibault, alias IXE-13, formerly the finest agent in Canada’s spy service, is now the respected owner of the Crystal Night Club in the city’s red light district. While still recovering from his difficult years in the service, Jean finds himself reluctantly drawn into a new undercover operation. On one hand, Russian operatives are trying to obtain uranium to build a bomb that would threaten the West. On the other hand, a powerful Nazi group – led by Rick Gallaher, a Canadian veteran – also seeks uranium for its plot to conquer the world.

Following an attack on one of his people, Jean has no choice but to get back into the spy game, despite the wartime injuries that still haunt him. His fellow agents Roxane Racicot, Marius Lamouche and Victor Laporte agree to team up with Jean on a perilous mission: infiltratng and dismantling the two evil networks before the uranium falls into the conspirators’ clutches.

Club illico


Gilles Desjardins

Associate producers

Gilles Desjardins
Myriam Poirier


Josée Vallée
Sylvie Gaudreault


Yan Lanouette Turgeon


Marc-André Grondin
Julie Le Breton
Vincent Leclerc
Hugolin Chevrette

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