Les Honorables

The tragic death of Gabrielle, the youngest member of the family, brutally murdered, sends the family of Judge Dessureaux into hell. Following the acquittal of the presumed murderer, Tristan Rabeau, the Dessureaux family decides to take revenge. Les Honorables series is first and foremost the story of a broken family, whose members seek to pick up the pieces, to face their demons, in short, to give meaning to their existence, with or without the justice of men.

Season 2

Original idea and script

Jacques Diamant

Collaboration to the script

Marie-Claude Audet


Louis Choquette


Patrick Huard
Macha Grenon
Mylène Mackay
Olivier Gervais-Courchesne
Sylvain Marcel
Martin Dubreuil
Danny Gilmore
Ariane Castellanos
Roger Léger
Marc Beaupré
Hugolin Chevrette
David La Haye
Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques
Nahéma Ricci


Louis Choquette
Josée Vallée

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Jocelyn Deschênes

Gémeaux 2019

Nomination – Best Drama Series
Nomination – Best Leading Actress: Drama Series – Macha Grenon
Nomination – Best Supporting Actress: Drama Series – Mylène Mackay
Nomination – Best Supporting Actor: Drama Series – Kevin Houle