Red Ketchup: Star of a new animated series

Starting next winter, the cult character from the Quebec comic strip Red Ketchup will take over Télétoon la nuit and Adult Swim! Produced by Jacques Bilodeau of Sphère Animation, directed by Martin Villeneuve and based on the successful comic book by Pierre Fournier and Réal Godbout, the animated series Red Ketchup is inspired by the albums that launched the FBI agent into crazy international adventures.

If Red Ketchup celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we must admit that the character has not aged a bit! After appearing in Croc, Titanic and Safarir magazines, and then in the nine volumes published by Éditions de la Pastèque, the tough guy is now preparing to shake things up on the small screen.

The series plunges us into the middle of the 1980s, at the end of the Cold War. Charged with the most perilous missions, FBI agent Red Ketchup succeeds every time. The impressive build of this colossus with red eyes and orange hair is enough to make his enemies tremble. With zeal and casualness, he takes all the necessary risks to achieve his goals, even if it usually means major collateral damage. The FBI, which considers him a burden, sends him on a long-distance mission hoping he’ll never come back. But Red Ketchup always comes back!