Bad Blood

Vito Rizzuto, the alleged head of the Sicilian mafia in Canada, is the head of a veritable empire. To ensure the prosperity of all, he has imposed peace and collaboration between the different criminal groups in Montreal: Italians, bikers, Haitians and Irish. By keeping the peace between rival gangs, by establishing close ties with government officials and the police, Vito Rizzuto rules Montreal.  He has chosen Declan, despite his Irish origins, to be his most trusted man, his closest advisor, much to the dismay of his son, Nico Jr. who is desperate to be part of the family business. Vito Rizzuto is suddenly arrested and extradited to the Colorado prison for three murders committed in 1981.

Vito’s imprisonment leaves a void in management that is not easily filled. Will Declan be able to assert himself and gain respect?   And will Nico Jr. allow himself to be dictated to by this Irishman, a non-family member?

Season 3

Inspired by the book

Business or blood: Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War
Written by  Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso

Developed and written by

Simon Barry
Michael Konyves


Alain Desrochers (saison 1)
Jeff Renfroe et Molly McGlynn (saison 2)

Supervising producer

Paula J.Smith

Executive producers

Michael Konyves
Josée Vallée
Mark Montefiore
Peters Edwards
Antonio Nicaso
Simon Barry

Associate producers

Laurent MacKinlay
Anne Bergeron


Anthony LaPaglia
Kim Coates
Sharon Taylor
Ryan McDonald
Melanie Scrofano
Lisa Berry
Dylan Taylor
Franco Lo Presti
Louis Ferreira
Daniel Kash
Gianni Falcone
Brandon Oakes
Cameron Roberts
Ajuawak Kapashesit
Eric Hicks
David La Haye


Kim Coates

Co-executive producer

Alison Lea Bingeman

New Metric Media