Être famille d’accueil

This documentary series takes an intimate look at five families who take in children removed from their biological homes by the Director of Youth Protection (DYP). Nancy Audet, a journalist and former child of the DYP, guides us through their complex and often trying daily lives, but filled with resilience, courage and kindness. As the episodes unfold, the stories intertwine to reveal a portrait of a little-known reality, often hidden behind a wall of statistics, but nonetheless deeply human.

With Être famille d’accueil, we immerse ourselves in the lives of those who weave a safety net to help children who are trying to find their place in a world that does not always understand them. Over time, will parents and children succeed in taming each other?

Lead participant, content consultant and original idea

Nancy Audet


Isabelle Tincler
Mathieu Vachon


Julie Blackburn

Original music

Pierre-Philippe Côté / Studio Le nid


Isabelle Fortier

Supervising producer

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour
Josée Vallée
Renée Mouchawar
Mélanie d’Astous