Kid Food Nation: The Show

Sphere was commissioned by Corus to produce Kid Food Nation: The Show in partnership with President’s Choice Children’s Charity. Hosted by Spencer Litzinger and Tyra Sweet, the show features Kid Food Nation Heroes, cooks with local know-how, and well-known Canadian chefs like Lynn Crawford and Roger Mooking. Spencer and Tyra took viewers on a food tour to explore the science, ingredients, and cultures of cuisine. From visiting a cricket farm to sampling cheese with Canada’s premier cheese expert Afrim Pristine, the show was a culinary journey of a lifetime. Jam-packed with taste tests, fascinating food facts and easy to create recipes, this delicious series puts the power of food into the hands of kids.



Spencer Litzinger
Tyra Sweet


Julie Patterson Porter


Jason Yantha


Rod Christie
Beth Biederman

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Marlo Miazga
Michael Strachan
Mira Laufer (Corus)

Executive producers

Marlo Miazga
Corinna Lehr
Melanie Leckie
Vanessa Larkey


Vanessa Larkey
Melanie Leckie

Line producer/Production manager

Esther Nip


Liz Truchanowicz