L’érotisme et le vieil âge

In today’s society, there is a powerful taboo regarding the sexuality of the elderly. As if only the young could be interested in the topic, the age of procreation. Yet the attraction of sexuality does not disappear with age. Nor do the multiple practices it arouses. L’érotisme et le vieil âge, is a  film which questions the existing conceptions of the elderly as well as the sexual experience itself,  and is a deeply moving testimony to the love and intimacy which binds mankind.

Canal D

Director and screenwriter

Fernand Danserau

Production manager

Sylvie Lapointe


Lucette Lupien

Line producer

Marie-Pierre Corriveau


Jacques W. Lina

Executive producers

Bruno Dubé
Robert Montour

Gémeaux 2017

Nomination – Best Editing: Public Affairs, Documentary – Program